Floor Preparation



At City Commercial Floorcoverings we know that the product installed is only as good as the preparation , this is why we take the time to asses all our sub floors before starting . This allows us to advise the client on the correct course of action , producing the right outcome and finished product .


When it comes to removing floor coverings especially the stuck down variety a need for
mechanical assistance is required. We can remove most sorts of floor covering prior to preparation and installation of the new tiles, carpet or other floor covering as per your choice.

We remove old material from the site and discard if the customer so wishes. We try and keep the dust contamination down to minimum at all times. When it comes to laying floor coverings, the process of ensuring that the flooring surface is “at and level is paramount. After the existing floor coverings are removed, the job of bringing the floor surface back to a condition that is level with no imperfections is critical to ensure that the finished job looks stunning. We endeavour to make sure that the job complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

Using high tech engineered cement products and primers and bonding agents with good
tensile strength Using good quality waterproof membrane products.
Ensuring all contamination is removed such as: Oil Products, Epoxy Products, Foreign Bodies and the like. If required we can shot blast the surface and use diamond grinding as necessary.